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Amanna’s Gem Research Center 

With the release of The Burning Crusade, we began to see “socketed” items.  Items may have one or more sockets, into which you can place different color gems.  Each socket has a color, and while you can place any color gem into any socket, matching all the sockets with gems of the same color enables a “socket bonus”.   There are also Meta gem sockets.  Meta gems generally add a greater bonus, but have requirements; usually a certain combination of gem colors already socketed.

Different than Diablo II which this mechanic reminds me of, is that a new gem can be re-socketed over a gem already in place.  Socketing a new gem does replace the old gem (which is lost forever), however this allows you to put whatever gem you can find at the moment into a socket for bonuses right away, then upgrade the socket when you find or buy a better gem.

There are all kinds of gems, with more and more showing up in each patch.  In order to always give you the most up to date gem listings, I will not be providing simple lists of gems; rather I will provide links to wowhead with various filters so you can see all gems that match the socket and/or stat you are looking to fill.

I have my filters broken into three categories: simple lists for basic research, lists by playstyle, and lists by instance/raid.  At the end of this page you’ll find some other gem research resources on the web.

These lists will return primarily gems that can be socketed, but may also return “simple gems” – gems that cannot be socketed (yet) and are used in crafting recipies.

Simple Gem Lists for basic research

Simple Gem list by color (highest level gems first)
All | Meta | Red | Yellow | Blue | Purple | Green | Orange | Simple | Prismatic | Non-Socketable gems
Crafted gems – You’ll need to ask your guild JC to make these for you.
All | Meta | Red | Yellow | Blue | Purple | Green | Orange
Gems by Rarity
Epic | Rare | Uncommon | Common
Dropped Gems – Wowhead doesn’t currently allow filtering on gems that are “drops” (except by particular instance), but here is a list of all gems that are BoP which should be close to the same.
BoP Gems

Gems by Playstyle

These links will help you narrow down particular gems by the type of build you want to augment. 

Balance Enchantments – Plusses to Intellect, Spirit, Spell damage, Spell Crit, Spell Penetration, Spell Haste, or Mana Regen.
All | Epics | Meta | Red | Yellow | Blue | Purple | Green | Orange
Feral Enchantments (Tanking) – Armor, Defense, Dodge, Stamina or Agility.
All | Epics | Meta | Red | Yellow | Blue | Purple | Green | Orange
Feral Enchantments (DPS) – Agility, Strength, AP (feral), Crit, Haste or Hit.
All | Epics | Meta | Red | Yellow | Blue | Purple | Green | Orange
Resto Enchantments – Intellect, +Healing, +Spirit, Spell Crit, or Mana Regen. 
All | Epics | Meta | Red | Yellow | Blue | Purple | Green | Orange

Gems by Heroic Instances and Raids
While maybe not as useful as the other lists above, these filters will let you see what gems are in each particular instance and raid.  I’m only referencing Heroic instances to identify the better gems you are probably looking for.  I’d love to provide a comprehensive list of gems with the instance/raid they are in, but wowhead does not current offer that feature.  (Note: at the time I put this together, the only raid with any worthwhile gem drops was The Black Temple).

Heroic Instance Gems
Arcatraz | Auchenai Crypts | Black Morass | Blood Furnace | Botanica | Hellfire Ramparts | Mana-Tombs | Mechanar | Old Hillsbrad Foothills | Sethekk Halls | Shadow Labyrinth | Shattered Halls | Slave Pens | Steamvault | Underbog
Raid Gems
Black Temple | Gruul’s Lair | Hyjal Summit | Karazhan | Magtheridon’s Lair | Serpentshrine Cavern | The Eye |

Other Resources

Xornot’s Gem Finder – A nice little Web 2.0 app that let’s you search cut gems along a variety of criteria.  Nice graphics with lots of filtering options.  Unfortunately, the filter options extend quite a ways down the right-hand side of the screen, so you may have to search a bit for the stat you are interested in. 
Jesta’s Jewelcrafting Tool – A more basic looking tool, this site also lets you search gems by criteria.  Jewelcrafters can also register on the site and indicate which gems they can cut.  Looking for someone to make you that rare cut gem and no one in your guild can cut it?  Use this site to find a jewelcrafter on your server.
WoW Insider’s Gem tag – use this link to stay socketed into WoW Insider’s “gem” category for any updates or additional resources they may post. 

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  1. […] After much anticipation, fanfare, and yes, a fair share of back office political deal-making, Amanna’s Gem Research Center is now open for business.  This announcement culminates years of effort, and is made possible only […]

    Pingback by Gem Research Center open « Adventures in Azeroth | July 10, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thank you for this wonderful guide. It will be tremendously useful when planning how I will slot new gear.


    Comment by Phaelia | July 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. wish I had seen this before I started buying gems for my new gear with the sockets… what the heck does a feral druid need with + spell penetration (and what the heck does that mean anyway? sounds dirty…) gem. sheesh. now I know some to look for. thanks

    Comment by Jandrun | July 18, 2007 | Reply

  4. did you need the list to work out that feral druids have no use for + spell penetration?? lol

    Good job on this dude, better than re-using wowheads search tools to search for the gems…

    Comment by Kyle | July 19, 2007 | Reply

  5. Thanks Kyle.

    I think what Jandrun might have meant is that because my lists are filtered results, and because I use “OR” on all the search terms, some interesting combinations may be returned. There are lots of gems out there that give two stat bonuses. Some of them have an interesting combination of stats, where one bonus may benefit a feral build and one may benefit a caster build.

    Comment by Amanna | July 19, 2007 | Reply

  6. […] to Gem Research Center I’ve updated Amanna’s Gem Research Center with filter for Heroic Instances and Raids.  Yea, you’ll probably never be looking to see […]

    Pingback by Update to Gem Research Center « Adventures in Azeroth | November 6, 2007 | Reply

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