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This blog will be deleted soon.  We have moved to, transferring all old content.  Please update your bookmark.

If you are the admin of a board or guild website, please update your links.  The feral gear posts, Kara guide and Bartender overview are all on the new site, in addition to plans on upgrades to all those posts and more. 

See you there!!!


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Emmerald’s list updated for 2.3

As reported by Of Teeth and Claws recently, Emmerald’s oft-quoted ranked list of feral druid gear has been updated for patch 2.3 gear.

Of Teeth and Claws, along with Big Bear Butt Blogger, have become my two favorite blogs as of late.  Both have a great mix of technical analysis, insightful comments and a dash of humor.  Just please Karthis, for the love of Elune and all that is holy, deliver us from the evil that is your current green on green color scheme.

Now back to our regularly scheduled show…

As I, and virtually every blogger I read linking to Emmerald’s list also does, please remember that deep red (yes, not grey) organ between your ears.  It has many functions, including critical analysis.  Emmerald’s list, while a wonderful, time-saving tool, is only a tool and should not dictate your gear choices to you.

Emmerald has updated his site, adding a front page to his lists.  He himself takes the time to point out that the rankings are based on mathematical formula, not actual gameplay or even simulations, and therefore should be used a quick reference.  Also to keep in mind is the rankings do not factor in playstyle or party members.   Make sure to read his comments on this front page, they are really helpful in understand what the rankings are all about and which is most appropriate to you.  For more information, he provides a link to a forum where the list is discussed.

Emmerald has also updated his approach to gems.  For each socket, he decides whether the socket is best fit with the matching color for the socket bonus, or a “best available” gem of another color.  If a gem of a color other than the socket is used, then the sockets and the socket bonus is overstricken, and the gems that are recommended are listed after the actual socket colors.

It took me a little bit to figure out how exactly this works.  The key is the “info” page for each category of gear.  On this page, Emmerald lists the gems, and their rankings, used for that gear category (e.g. Bear Mitigation).  So if the gem sockets are overstricken, just look at the end of the overstrike and you should see the colors that were used in the ranking calculation. 

For example, on the Bear Mitigation – Head page, you should see the Stag Horn of Malorne listed as the seventh best piece of gear.  The sockets for this item are a yellow and a meta; although you see they are struck through, as is the socket bonus of 4 agility. After the strikethrough is listed [MB].  This means Emmerald is recommending bypassing the socket bonus and using a meta and a blue gem instead.  The meta and the blue gem recommended, along with his other recommendations, are on the info page.  In this case, for Bear Mitigation, he recommends a Powerful Earthstorm Diamond for the meta slot and a Solid Star of Elune for the blue slot.

Note that Emmerald only uses rare gems for his calculations.  If you are lucky enough to have epic gems, then certainly use them if appropriate.

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New Enchantment by slot resource

Previously, I’ve written a couple posts on the various enchantments you should be considering for particular gear slots.  I intended this to be a series and starting with rings and head gear.

Well, this series has long been obsolete and I’ve just been tardy getting this post up.  In doing my research, I eventually came across the Enchantment by Slot page on WoWwiki.  As you know, WoWwiki is a tremendous resource and I should have figured the community there would not only have this page, but do a better job at documenting enchantments than me.  I’m adding this resource to my list of online resources and recommending it as your “one stop shop” if you are looking to research enchantments.

Just a couple quick caveats:

  1. All enchantments are documented, not just high level ones
  2. All enchantments are documented, not just those us Druids are interested in

On the plus side, “augments” like arcanums, guards and glyphs are included.

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Update to Gem Research Center

I’ve updated Amanna’s Gem Research Center with filter for Heroic Instances and Raids.  Yea, you’ll probably never be looking to see what gems drop in a particular instance or raid, but if you ever want to, I’m here for you.

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New equipment comparison/evalution tool

For those of you that just can’t get enough analysis of your equipment, the Druid Wiki has yet another option: RAWR.  Now who doesn’t want to download this thing with a name like that?  Before I start, here’s the overview right from the wiki:


“Rawr is the ultimate program to compare tanking stats on items. With inspiration from the gear lists by Emmerald and Hugehoss, this can take a look at your current tanking stats and then summarize what gear pieces are best used for tanking, what upgrades are the best for you, what enchants you should use and what gems that would be strongest in your current setup.

  • Can pull your characters gear directly from the armory (US or EU)
  • Compare gear pieces, socket, enchants, socket bonuses
  • Splits the result of an items worth into two different categories, Mitigation (armor, dodge) and Surviveability (armor, health)
  • Takes various things into account, including the damage reduction/armor cap, crit immune or not, buffs depending on your own choice, your characters race
  • Can compare the same item more than once with different sockets
  • Can search the armory for all gear piece upgrades that might interest you and updates itself with all new items that might have appeared after a content patch with a single click of your mouse
  • Easy-to-use, User-friendly, Nicely designed graphical Interface

You can download and read more about Rawr on the Wikispaces page, as well as get a Tour of the program including screenshots. Click on the Rawr logo to proceed to the Rawr page. This program is coded, developed, created and owned by Astrylian, 70 Night Elf Druid on Kilrogg (US).”

I recently downloaded this program and gave it a run.  It’s limited (only applies to Bear tanking gear), a little quirky, but kind of fun.  It’s different than a lot of gear sites out there in that it’s not a website but an application that you download and run on your computer. 

Once you download and install, the very first time you start it up, be prepared to take a short bio break while it downloads all the artwork for the gear.  This appears to be the number one FAQ question as there isn’t a nice message telling you that a download is in progress, it just looks like the program is locked up.  Patience, my furry one.

Once the initial download is done, the next thing is to get your character loaded.  Just click File / Load From Armory…, fill in the appropriate info, and your character’s current gear will be loaded into Rawr.  (Be sure you logged out last time with your tanking gear).

Once you get your gear loaded, you can examine two basic ratings by slot and see what other gear and gems are out there to upgrade that slot.  The two basic ratings Rawr uses is Mitigation and Survival.  Mitigation is all about avoiding damage and Survival is all about being able to soak up damage.  That’s it for Rawr; threat generation is not covered.

The program lets you set what buffs you generally have in a raid, so you can evaluate gear under “real world” conditions.  (Did I just imply that a raid is real?).  You can also play around with gems that are slotted in different gear pieces for comparison.  This is useful if, for instance, you don’t anticipate getting gems out of The Black Temple anytime soon.  You can even create different instances of the same gear piece, just with different gems for comparison.

In the words of Rawr’s author, the program helps you evaluate gear by:

“Based on these extremely accurate calculations and well simply founded ratings, Rawr is able to provide accurate ratings for individual items, using the following method. The Overall Rating of an item can be calculated as the difference between the Overall Rating of the whole character with that item equipped, and the Overall Rating of the whole character with that slot empty. The same is done for the Mitigation and Survival Ratings. This provides the most accurate ratings possible, by factoring in all of the gear, enchants, buffs, and the item itself into the value of the item, and not including the item to be replaced.”

For you theorycrafters out there, check out this page for more details on Rawrs calculations.

From here it’s time to play.  I’ll admit I haven’t spent a ton of time experimenting with Rawr, so for any questions I would recommend hitting the links above.  The author has a ton of information on the Druid Wiki and the calculations page should answer any questions you have on how the ratings are derived.

All in all, not a bad little tool for some basic gear evaluations.  The fact that it is limited to Bear gear only at this point, and then just mitigation and survival ratings, limits it’s use somewhat.  However, if you are looking for a second opinion to supplement Emmerald’s gear list, this might fill the bill.

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Shartuul event walkthroughs

Want a Badge of Tenacity but just not sure where to start?  Figured out you need to complete something called the “Shartuul Event” but keep getting killed.  Amanna (via Slipslappy) to the rescue!

 I’m never sure if you all read the comments to my posts, or simply the posts themselves.  But embedded deep within the comments to my last post, Slip gave us some links to very useful guides to mastering this event. 

The first is the WoWwiki guide.  This guide has good community-contributed strategy tips.  What I like the best is actual images of the controls for the various demons you will control.  While I think the next walkthrough has move detail, I love being able to see and familiarize myself with the actual icons before attempting the event.  Definitely check this guide out.

There is great guide on Slipslappy’s guild website, appropriate titled The Guide to Not Sucking.  This guide doesn’t have ability icons like thw WoWwiki guide, but is more detailed.  Whereas WoWwiki is a community article with various strategies to try, this formum post was written by one person so you only get their perspective.  It does appear this person has the event on farm so they presumably have a winning strategy, just keep in mind you are only getting one perspective.  Highly recommended though for the level of detail to the walkthrough.  I was sorely tempted to copy the walkthrough over here as I think the color scheme is hard to read (and my readers LOVE walkthroughs), but having not done the event myself, that felt too much like stealing.  Be sure to read the entire post for updates and clarifications.

Thanks Slipslappy for the great links.  I have not gotten back to playing yet, but I hope to soon.  When I do, I will definitely be giving this a run…

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No, I’m not dead…

…just taking a little break.  Here’s a couple interesting links to keep you going until I make my way back.

 WoW Insider Druid column Shifting Perspectives, with an overview of easy to obtain Moonkin gear.  They also mention they previously posted a column on easy to obtain feral gear.  Umm – hasn’t that already been done here and on Tanuviel’s blog?  Hey, I don’t have the international franchise on “easy to obtain” gear posts, but this topic has already sailed, I think.  Tanuviel has already moved on to Heroic feral gear lists.  Whatever.  Check out their fine list of Moonkin gear.

Another interesting article on WoW Insider had a link to a new data site – WoWJustu.  This site lists guild progression through end-game raid content by looking for raid-specific gear in the Armory.  You can read how they do it here.  You can debate their approach if you want, but it looks solid enough to give a decent view of where everyone is on end-game.  Pretty interesting.  No way to search for your guild at present and pretty clunky to find it if your guild is more than a couple pages of data down.  I would guess a search function is coming soon though.  I’ve added this site to my blogroll under the Fun header.

Finally – someone who gets it!

That’s all for now.  I miss you guys and I’m glad to see the site is still useful in my absence.  I hope you miss me.

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Update to Gem Research Center

I added a couple additional links to my Gem Research Center.  They are some websites with different ways to filter and research gems.  One gives you the ability to find jewelcrafters on your server and what gems they can cut.

But Amanna – why advertise the “competition”?  Hey, it’s not a contest, just trying to get the right information into your hands so you can play better.  Plus, once you see all the google gold ads on their sites, Amanna knows you’ll be back.  Seriously, they’re both good sites with a lot of hard work put into them.  I especially like being able to find named jewelcrafters on my server as my guild JC isn’t always able to cut what I want.  

Come on, click the link and bump those stats!

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Updated stats

I’m not feeling good tonight so I think it’s an early bedtime for me.  I logged in real quick to check out my stats having equipped my shiny new Violet Signet.

Amanna in Bear form with Violet Signet equippedHere’s my new stats in Bear with the Signet equipped.  I got a nice armor boost with the Signet.  Obviously, I was a little low, probably still a bit low, but at 22K+, at least respectable.  The signet also gave me the little defense bump I needed to get over 415 without having to drink a Flask of Fortification.  So now I can drink Elixir of Master and Elixir of Major Agility, my two elixirs of choice for major instancing/raiding.  (Just looking that up on, I guess I should also be buying Scroll of Agility V and Warp Burgers.)

My health hasn’t bumped much – currently at around 12,700.  Any creative ideas on getting that up and I’m all ears.

Dodge looks pretty good to me, and my crit percentage is around the same at 21.77%  Attack power is at 861.  Feel free to tell me if I should be working on anything other than health, but for where I am I think these are reasonable numbers.

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Gem Research Center open

Amanna’s Gem Research CenterAfter much anticipation, fanfare, and yes, a fair share of back office political deal-making, Amanna’s Gem Research Center is now open for business.  This announcement culminates years of effort, and is made possible only by the tireless devotion of countless gifted individuals.

<clears throat>  Okay, maybe I overplayed that a bit, but I am proud to announce that the second piece of the Buffing Up section of the blog is now up and running and awaits your flames and praise. 

Just like with the Enchantments section, instead of telling you which enchantments I think are best, or some “learned authority” thinks are best, I instead provide a collection of links to filtered searches on so you can do your own research and make your own decisions.  Remember that little gray thing between your ears?

As before, if you’d like to see the information in different ways, or if anything on the page is broken or incorrect, please let me know.  I want this to be useful and you’re the ones that can tell me how to make it better.   Also, if enough folks tell me there is value in this type of tool, then I may tackle another section devoted to gear.  What??!!??  Huh??!!!  Did Amanna say gear???  Yes I did, but I’ll only do it if you tell me you’ll use it.  (Did I just sound like someone’s Night Elf mother?)

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