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Final Notice – We have moved!!!

This blog will be deleted soon.  We have moved to, transferring all old content.  Please update your bookmark.

If you are the admin of a board or guild website, please update your links.  The feral gear posts, Kara guide and Bartender overview are all on the new site, in addition to plans on upgrades to all those posts and more. 

See you there!!!


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A glimpse of sanity… 

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That’s right – WORLD domination

Over on Big Butt Bear Blogger (dang, is it fun to say that), with props to TJ for kicking it off, is BBBB’s results of the Super Villian quiz.  TJ was Dark Phoenix and BBBB is Apocalypse.  Amanna is:

Lex Luthor

Lex Luthor
Dr. Doom
The Joker
Green Goblin
Dark Phoenix
Mr. Freeze
Poison Ivy
A brilliant businessman on a quest for world domination and the self-proclaimed greatest criminal mind of our time!

While I think I may be better suited to be The Joker, not to mention having a heck of a lot more fun, WORLD DOMINATION has kind of a nice ring to it. 

While I don’t normally jump on those “let’s all do this” calls, this one has the potential to be pretty fun.   Here’s the link to take the quiz yourself.  If you take it, and you’ve got a blog, post your results on your blog (the quiz website gives you the code) then leave a comment here with a link to your blog.  Free PR for your blog and we all get to see how evil you are at heart.  😉

Click here to take the “Which Super Villain am I?” quiz…

BBBB also give the link for a Super Hero quiz also.  Amanna’s results:


Iron Man
The Flash
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
You are a wanderer with
amazing strength.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Have fun!

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Hey Amanna – where ya’ been?

I know, I know – it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  For those of you that read this blog on a regular basis, you know that my wife and I separated a few months back.  Well – we’ve worked a lot of things out and she has moved back in. 


I’m happy and proud of both of us.   Relationships can be hard, especially for two people as stubborn as us.  Marriage is yet another step above relationships for some reason.  Anyone that tries to tell you that marriage is just a piece of paper and doesn’t change anything – don’t believe them.  It might not change everything, but it is definitely different than just dating or even living together.   We worked hard over the last month resolving issues, having uncomfortable discussions, being honest with each other – and now I think we have a better relationship and marriage than probably we ever have.

So now that we’re back together, we’re spending much more time together.  Over the last year or so, as things got worse and worse in our marriage, we both had time sinks that we used to be away from the other.  WoW was my main one.  Now that we are back together, not only do I want to spend more time with my wife, I also am working through how much I really want to play, if – GASP! – I want to play at all.

Two things:  for one, my wife equates this game with the “bad times”.  Times where I would spend entire weekend evenings up in my computer room playing.  Yes, yes, she spent the entire night watching TV, but there is a very bad taste in her mouth when it come to WoW that lingers.  But also, I find my interest in playing waning a bit.  I could just be in another slump or it could be the start of looking for a new challenge.  I historically have a very short attention span when it comes to computer games, and this is the longest I’ve played any game.  I still love the game, but the fact that it just never ends and all you get with each expansion and each patch is just some different artwork, different animations and the need to always get just one more piece of armor to raise that stat just a couple more points.  As we all know, it never seems to end and I may be questioning whether I want to stay on that treadmill.

I also came to grips with some life priorities.  Something both my wife and I re-affirmed as part of our process getting back together is that we need to be priority #1 in each other’s mind.  Sure, I’d love it if I married a computer gaming nut, but I didn’t.  So instead of getting all upset about it, I’ve accepted it, moved on, and need to put our marriage’s priorities ahead of my playing this computer game.  That doesn’t mean I can play games and have fun – it just has to be kept in perspective.  In return, she’s done the same when it comes to me.  Sounds simple, but it’s surprising how many people don’t approach relationships this way.  It really makes things so simple in a way.

So, I’m going to be doing a lot of reflecting over the next few weeks as to whether I want to keep playing this game or not.  At some point I may have a heart to heart with my wife also on the subject.  As a level 70 character currently working on Karazhan, I don’t feel that just playing a 1/2 hour or so everyonce in a while would be satisfying, so if I continue I am definitely looking to get some decent playtime for myself.  However, if I could get a couple nights a week that I could raid, then that might be enough.  Sure, I’d progress more slowly, but I’d be having fun and I’d still have my marriage.  😉

So, that’s where I’ve been.  I’ve been pleased to see that the blog is still getting over 1,000 hits a day, even without a post the last two weeks.  It looks like my annotated Kara attunement post is keeping the traffice up.  Anyway, kind of a personal post, but this is good life news and I wanted to share it with you all

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The Big Time and an Apology

SPAM - Lots of itAdventures in Azeroth has hit the big time, just not the good big time.  I cleaned my spam out over the weekend, and went in to check it real quick after lunch here at work.  You can see what I saw to the left.  Over 400 spam messages in just a couple days. 

Turns out the spammers must really like World of Warcraft cuz lots of them tell me they really like my site.  Then there are the ones that say “Sorry :-(” at the start of their post.  Or the ones that think somehow they are tricking you with wording like “She came into the room and turned down the volume.  Immediately, the dog’s ears perked up.  She thought <sex link, sex link, sex link, sex link, etc. etc.> that was good.”  Hunh?

Then there are the posts that are empty with a link to some spam site as the poster’s address.  I’ve seen mortage sites, funeral homes, car rental places, it just goes on and on.

I guess that’s the price of fame, no?  😉

But there is one casualty of this escalation of spam that does make me feel bad.  Poor little Slipslappy of Icecrown seems to have all his comments flagged as spam.  Of course, he does have a tendency to put his armory link in as his address, but shouldn’t WordPress be able to distinguish a Night Elf Druid from the rest of the rabble?  A Night Elf Druid who just got his T4 helm, for gosh sakes!!!  Isn’t technology supposed to work for us???

Well Slippy, I can’t make it up to you (but hopefully WordPress will tell me what’s going wrong with comments), but I can post your last comment below.  Unfortunately, the best comment Slip made is lost forever.  In talking about that darn Badge of Tenacity, Slippy said we should all transfer to one server, start a Druid-only guild, and grind for it together.  Good idea, but who would play with us?  I mean – we’d rule the joint.  Of course, we’d all have to become engineers and make these for crowd control!

Without further ado, here’s slip’s last comment and a link to his Armory page.  Show him some Druid love…

I can’t believe you lost my post! You are totally fired.   just kidding. No biggie, I think about 4 of my posts haven’t shown up on this site so it’s no biggie, I just figured you didn’t like me.  Oh! Got my T4 helm last night! 490 armor… lol it’s awesome. I have the gloves as well, but only use them when tanking so they won’t show on my armory page.

Here’s a pic from last week too. Was right before Netherspite in Karazhan. I nearly broke 40% crit and 3500ap.

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Funny Spam

I don’t know how many of you are familiar with running a blog, but one of the things you have to deal with is comment spam.  I use WordPress, and it has a built-in spam catcher.  Once your blog starts getting hits, you have to sift through spam almost daily or it really piles up.  I get a 100 or so spam comments every couple days.  You have to go through them all because every once in a while a valid comments gets caught in the net.

Anyway the spam is the usual stuff: lots of porn and viagra/cialis links.  Sometimes there are some unusual or funny comments in there.  Like the comment filled with porn links that has “Sorry” and a frown face at the beginning. 

But today, I think I saw the weirdest and funniest one to date, and I had to share it with you.  I’m not going to show the actual links – I don’t want to give the spammers the satisfaction of even some “just curious” hits, but here’s how the comment showed up:

Spam Comments

Now, unless I’m missing something, this blog has nothing to do with Michigan OR funeral homes.  And no, I don’t have a secret obsession with Michigan Funeral Homes.  Just odd…

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I need a break…

Okay everyone.  The cat list is up and believe me, it was a chore.  It really wasn’t that much more difficult than the bear list, but it comes in the middle of my wife and I (yes, Amanna is a dude!  Shocker) deciding to divorce.  It’s all friendly and we both believe it is for the best (as totally confusing and weird as that sounds), but my mental and emotional state right now is somewhat unsteady.  Focus and initiative seem to be suffering greatly.  So while I will continue to provide small updates to Amanna and general gameplay experiences, I believe the in-depth articles will be on hold for a bit until I get to a better place.

This feels a bit odd to be announcing such personal news in such an impersonal and far-reaching medium, but I have received great comments from many of you, and the visits have really taken off lately (1000 page views yesterday), so I felt I owed you a reason in advance for a potentially declining number of posts.

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Man’s “best” friend???

For my fellow US friends:

Do you have that Beneful dog food commercial in your area?   The one where the guy keeps saying “Beneful” to this dog and the dog then tilts his head to one side.  Then toward the end of the commercial the guy and the dog are chasing each other in a circle while the guy is putting away the dog’s toys.

Is it just me or are those two waaaaayyyy too close???

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