Adventures in Azeroth

It’s a Druid’s World (of Warcraft)


Official World of Warcraft site
Thotbott – Indispensible database for all things World of Warcraft.  Clean “googleish” interface.

Research Resources for Druid Gear 

 I’ve found a number of good sites out there that outline the various gear you can obtain for your Druid.  Typically you see a breakdown between general “casting” gear (resto and balance builds) and “feral” gear (bear tanking and cat DPS).  The best in my opinion are:

  1. The Burning Crusade Feral Gear List – not pretty and takes a while to load, but great reference site for feral forms.  The site lists gear for bear tanking, cat sustained dps, and cat burst dps.  The lists try to stay objective by ranking gear on a points system vs. subjective analysis.
  2. WoWWiki – this is a overall good site with solid community-managed content.  This page in particular gives a fairly comprehensive overview of the most popular sets out there for Druids. 
  3. Kaliban’s Class Loot list – This is a great site documenting all the major loot from instances and raids.  This is the Druid main page with an extensive overview of loot by instance.  Most likely you’re looking for loot from Raids, so direct your attention to the two drop downs on either side of the “Class Gear Guides” button. 
  4. +Healing Gear – link to a blue post in the Druid forum outlining recommended +healing gear.  Much of this gear is located in Dire Maul, Stratholme and Scholomance so they are “easily” obtainable by a resonably-equipped lvl 60 with some friends.  For Dire Maul, you could definitely start earlier.
  5. Kiera’s Druid Resources – one page overview of “casually obtainable blues”.  Items that can be obtained solo or with a 5-man group.

Strategy/Levelling Guides

The best levelling guides I’ve found are the “James” series on WoW-Pro.  There are three guides for Alliance players: 30-41, 41-50, and 50-60.   I’ve used them since around level 42 and they have really helped.   The guides are oriented toward primarily solo adventuring, with a heavy empasis on high xp/hour.  I highly recommend these guides.  I don’t play Horde, but James has also started a Horde series, beginning with the level 21-31 guide.

Wow-Pro also has several very good instance guides.  You can get to a menu of guides by level here.   I haven’t looked at all the guides, but again, anything with “James” in the title is well worth taking a look at.


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